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I am a journalist and freelance photographer with more than 20 years of experience in print and online media.


As a journalist, I covered many of the major events that shaped Central and Eastern Europe’s post-Communist history, including the 1999 armed conflict in Kosovo and the 2004 expansion of the European Union.


I was a staff writer for The Prague Post and foreign correspondent for the U.S. weekly TIME. Currently, I am a Central and East Europe correspondent for Bloomberg Industry Group.

As a photographer, I am particularly interested in social and cultural changes that occur on the peripheries of society.


But I also like to travel. So a lot of my more recent work – starting with my trips to Moscow in 2019, early 2020 – attempts to capture the unique atmosphere of a given place rather than speak on a particular issue.  

I am available for photo assignments. Please email me for availability, pricing. 

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